What is the recovery after facelift surgery ?

The usual and customary time frame required after facelift surgery is around 2-3 weeks for most patients to be presentable to the public. The actual recovery of a facelift is fairly straightfoward and quick, but there is a roller coaster of emotions that can come with this type of procedure. Some patients feel great getting back to their routine after a couple of weeks, and others sometimes not. Here is what you can expect from a typical facelift recovery:

First Week Post-Op: An increase of swelling until day 3 after surgery where it will likely peak, and then a steady decrease in swelling until the end of the first week. The small drains used in surgery are removed in the office a few days following surgery.

Second Week Post-Op: Majority of bruising will dissipate by the end of the second week and sometimes sooner. Concealer or makeup can be used to disguise the small areas of bruising after the tenth day if necessary and men can grow out their facial hair to camouflage their recovery. This point after surgery is where you will see the greatest decrease in swelling.

Third and Fourth Week Post-Op: Most patients resume their daily work and personal schedules during this time. Although there are still restrictions with minimizing exercise activity, patients feel most like themselves at this point.

Six Weeks Post-Op: Restrictions are generally lifted at this point and exercise routines may resume.

Three to Six Months Post-Op: The discoloration and redness of the incisions are greatly reduced or will have disappeared. Some numbness will have dissipated at this point, and in some cases, may take longer than six months to return. As the numbness continues to go away, so does any remaining facial swelling.