Neck Lift

The neck is subject to the same age-related changes that the face is, and it is just as difficult to conceal them. If you are experiencing any of the following conditions, then you may want to consider a necklift:

Every patient’s situation is unique. The neck lift that best suits your needs will depend on several factors. These include your aesthetic goals, the extent of excess skin and laxness, and the existence of fatty tissue. There are several surgical neck rejuvenation procedures to consider. Below are the indications for each.

Chin and Neck Liposuction Procedure

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One of the most recognizable features of youthful appearance is a clearly defined jaw line, and an appealing angle from the chin to neck. When these features are shapeless, the result can make a person appear older or heavier than they feel. This is the case with isolated pocket of fatty tissue below the chin, resulting in what we call a “double chin”. Liposuction is the ideal procedure in patients who have good skin tone of the face & neck, but have excess fatty tissue under the chin.

If you are concerned with the appearance of your chin, and neck region due to excess fatty tissue, liposuction may be able to help alleviate these issues. Best suited for those with minimal excess skin, liposuction of the neck is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that removes fatty tissue through inconspicuous incisions using a suction device specifically created for this purpose.

Once the procedure is complete, the patient is expected to take at least a week off work to recover. Some bruising and swelling may occur.

Direct Skin Excision

Localized excess loose skin can develop under the chin in patients who lose a significant amount of weight. In these patients, the face, and jawline skin laxity may be minimal.  This can also occur due to aging.  In these instances, a direct excision of the neck skin, through an incision under the chin, can be considered. Men are the best candidates for this surgery, and tend to both heal, and hide the incision very well. Direct excision of the neck skin has the advantage of a more speedy recovery, and less downtime.

Skin excision by way of a facelift

The face and neck often age in tandem. In most patients, the face, and the neck should be addressed at once to obtain the most aesthetically appealing outcome. The main component of this approach is elevation, and tightening of the underlying face, and neck muscles. The skin excess is then removed through incisions in front and behind the ears, which are well concealed.

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