Patient Testimonials

“Thank you so much for the beautiful work you did on my breast reduction. I am so thankful I found you. It was so nice to have a kind, compassionate, caring doctor who listens and has an eye for perfection… Thank you for being a brilliant artist with a kind soul.”

“Words cannot describe my gratitude for your expertise, guidance and care with my two surgeries.  Next week I turn forty and have never felt this good about my body, getting dressed each day, etc. I could not have asked for a better experience with you, and your team. You really do have my most sincere appreciation and gratitude.”

” I came to you after losing 120 lbs after bariatric surgery.  I would never have felt confident enough to date with all that skin. And now, I’m flipping through wedding pictures! Imagine that!”

“I am very grateful to you for my surgery, and very pleased with the results. Also, for ever happy to have followed my instincts in choosing you as my surgeon.Thank you so much to you and your staff.”

“Thank you, thank you, and again, thank you!Still LOVING my breast augmentation, btw. One of the best decisions I ever made!”

“It has been almost 18 months since you performed the surgery on my daughter. A few months ago, she told me that the surgery saved her life. Bit by bit, her life got better after the surgery. Thank you for returning our daughter to us-and to her life. We will never forget the gift you gave to all of us.”

“It’s hard to believe we made it to this point already. I think putting myself in your capable hands was huge. I am so happy that you are the expert, and the artist that you are.”

“I am so grateful to you and I thank you everyday…truly. I feel you gave me back 20 years. I was so proud on our wedding day. Initially, I had been terrorized to have photos taken, and didn’t want to see an old lady getting married. I wanted our joy to shine through, not our age. My gratitude forever.”

Dr. Behmand performed a face lift and complete facial laser resurfacing on me and I couldn’t be happier about the results. Since I have had plastic surgery before with Dr. Behmand there was no question that he would be my choice as surgeon when I decided it was time for face work. He and I discussed the options – he listened very carefully to my expectations and was very honest in his response as to what would work best for my particular situation. My biggest concern was that my “look” not be changed but improved and softened. I wanted to look younger without crossing that line of unreality, and didn’t want it to be obvious to my friends and colleagues that I had a face lift.  My goal was to look rested, and refreshed. I got exactly what I wanted – not only did he erase the fine lines and eliminate the areas of sagging skin but with the laser he was able to create the soft, dewy look I asked for. I get compliments on my skin constantly, even from strangers – that tells me all I need to know…..that once again Dr. Behmand performed his special miracles with his expertise and improved my life dramatically.”

“I would like to express how wonderful Dr. Ramin Behmand is as a Plastic Surgeon. I visited his office in Walnut Creek, recently with my partner. He is as knowledgeable as he is warm and informative. I honestly can not say enough positive, truthful, wonderful things about this Doctor!

I do not work for Dr. Behmand or his staff, I experienced his kind professionalism with my partner, who was his patient. If anyone reading this blog is remotely interested in Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ramin Behmand is the Doctor to have a consultation with, at the very least. You will not be disappointed, he is simply awesome as a Surgeon and person!”

“I feel the same way as the other posters: the staff is incredible, Dr. Behmand is both very kind and very talented, and the experience of care as well as the care itself was life-changing. I am amazed by the results and I feel like a new person (I had a tummy tuck, and lipo).

I think the best way to know who people are at work is to ask their co-workers. When I was in the hospital, I checked in with all the nurses I had contact with, it was obvious that they all respected his work and respected him. When I spoke with his office manager Kris, I asked her how she felt about her job. Her genuine response was that she absolutely loved it. She said she had been there for four years and she loved seeing all the positive changes in peoples’ lives. She couldn’t imagine working for anyone else.

Generally, when something seems too good to be true it usually is. In this case, it really was good and true.

I usually don’t post on these things, but I am so blown away by the quality of this experience, I feel like I need to share it with everyone.”

“I met Dr. Behmand in February of 2003 at John Muir Hospital while he was tending to a friend who had suffered a serious accident. I was extremely impressed with both his skill as a surgeon and his wonderful bedside manner. A year later, Dr. Behmand performed a cosmetic procedure on another friend. I was again impressed with his confidence, sincerity and warmth. Her results were amazing.

I was in the process of losing a large amount of weight and knew that I was going to need plastic surgery to deal with all the leftover skin that was appearing on my body. I decided then that should I have the nerve to do it, Dr. Behmand would be the one I would see. My initial consultation with Dr. Behmand was literally life altering. I consider myself a shy, somewhat modest person. But as Dr. Behmand looked over my sagging body, he never once made me feel uncomfortable, or ashamed of what I had done to myself. He spent a long time talking with me, and really listened to my desires and concerns before we settled on the specific procedures he would perform. His professional, caring manner convinced me that I was right to do this and place my trust in him. After a nine hour extensive and detailed surgery, Dr. Behmand gave me all he had promised and more. He and his staff were readily available and attentive when I needed them those first few days of recovery. At each follow-up visit, I felt encouraged and supported by both he and his great staff.

I am now more than a year post-op and thrilled with my results. I thank Dr. Behmand daily for the gift he has given me, and know that choosing him was the best decision I have ever made.”

“When I saw you for my final check-up I forgot to mention the obvious, and that is that I am very happy with the results of my procedure. Everyone is complimenting me!”

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for a wonderful experience. Not only am I thrilled with the results of my procedure, I am also very grateful for the kindness and professionalism displayed by the entire team.

From the moment I first walked into the office I knew I was in good hands. Thanks for making one of my dreams come true.”

“I love my new additions! I am very appreciative of Dr. Behmand’s work and my results are definitely amazing. One of the moms at my son’s school asked me what my secret was for my breasts and I told her that secret was that I paid for them! She was completely shocked that they were implants and said they looked like they belonged to me. Her comment about how they looked natural was definitely what I wanted when searching for the perfect doctor. I am glad I found him…

Thanks Dr. Behmand for being so caring and attentive during my surgeries.”

“It has been five years since my accident and every day I thank my lucky stars that it was YOU there to help me. Now when I tell people what happened, they look at my perfect face and just can’t imagine it. -The woman who loves her face and is ever grateful!”

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