Patient Comments

Gigi Miller’s Patient Comment

I would like to express how wonderful Dr. Ramin Behmand is as a Plastic Surgeon. I visited his office in Walnut Creek, recently with my partner. He is as knowledgeable as he is warm and informative. I honestly can not say enough positive, truthful, wonderful things about this Doctor! I …

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Joan’s Patient Comment

I met Dr. Behmand in February of 2003 at John Muir Hospital while he was tending to a friend who had suffered a serious accident. I was extremely impressed with both his skill as a surgeon and his wonderful bedside manner. A year later, Dr. Behmand performed a cosmetic procedure …

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JS’s Patient Comment

I feel the same way as the other posters: the staff is incredible, Dr. Behmand is both very kind and very talented, and the experience of care as well as the care itself was life-changing. I am amazed by the results and I feel like a new person (I had …

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Janice’s Patient Comment

Another happy poster.I went through a Breast Reduction surgery in October and I have had a speedy recovery. Dr. Behmand was recommended by my insurance company. That can be sort of scary. Turns out, Dr. Behmand is a great surgeon. I highly recommend him to anyone considering plastic surgery. His …

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