Financing is available for cosmetic procedures from a number of sources. We have been diligent in selecting the most reputable finance companies who offer patients reasonable options for installment payments.

Care Credit

We are pleased to offer CareCredit with up to 36 months of financing options. The CareCredit approval process is fairly simple and usually only takes a few minutes on the phone or the web. Upon approval, CareCredit provides you with an account number with which to pay for your procedure(s). After your consultation with Dr. Behmand, you will be provided detailed information regarding which plans, including promotional 0% deferred interest plans, are available to you.


Alphaeon Credit

We also work closely with Alphaeon Credit. Alphaeon Credit works with patients of all credit histories and offers a range of options that may fit your specific situation. Patients are able to make installment payments for up to 36 months and if you have poor or little credit history, Alphaeon Credit may be able to help you. We look forward to providing you with more information regarding which plans are available to you at your consultation or by contacting our office.

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