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The large amount of excess skin associated with massive weight loss generally does not respond to exercise and creates both functional and cosmetic concerns. Patients with excessive skin of the arms, abdomen, and legs refrain from wearing short sleeves and shorts. They may also experience rashes and hygiene issues. While traditional plastic surgery procedures such as tummy tuck can help with excess skin in the abdomen, removing sagging skin from the arms and legs requires more novel treatment.

In post-bariatric weight loss patients, the upper arm lift and thigh lift are somewhat similar in technique and principal of the operation.
Dr. Ramin Behmand makes an incision the length of the upper arm or leg and tightens up the skin and other tissue before removing the excess and closing the incision. These surgeries leave lasting, visible scars; however, most weight loss patients are so pleased with the results that the negative aspects are far outweighed by the benefits.

For patients who have excess skin in multiple areas, Dr. Behmand can perform a comprehensive procedure called a total lower body lift, combining treatment of the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen into one procedure. Recovery from such an extensive surgery takes longer, but is more convenient for patients who are concerned about undergoing multiple surgeries.

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