Injectables and Dermal Fillers Behmand Plastic Surgery East Bay CA

One of the most exciting things that’s happened in plastic and cosmetic surgery in the last five or six years here in the United States is the introduction of a group of soft tissue fillers and injectables that are used for reducing wrinkles. The injectables are things such as BOTOX that deal with the dynamic nature of wrinkle production, meaning things that move, and the soft tissue fillers are , and Juvederm. It used to tighten RADIUS, Perlane things such as Restylane be that we only heard about collagen, which was a shorter acting, shorter lasting filler with more incidences of allergic reactions, and now we are not seeing that. We have at our disposal a whole new host of material in order to reduce wrinkles in the face. Injectable skin fillers provide a whole new area and whole new process of reducing wrinkles and removing blemishes from the face. The wrinkles that can be effectively reduced or removed with the areas of frown lines on the forehead, laugh lines around the mouth, and even acne scars can be significantly improved by soft tissue fillers.