Facelift Necklift Procedures Walnut Creek California

One of the hallmarks of aging is an aging neck and of course that brings us to face and neck lift procedures. There is now a trend in plastic surgery to move towards minimally invasive procedures. Some of them we’ve talked about such as skin fillers and injectables in order to improve the signs of aging of the face. The other ones are more surgical, things such as mini face lift or thread lift that we hear about now. A minimally invasive procedure is good for people who are good candidates for it but there are people who are not a good candidate for minimally invasive and that’s where the face and neck lift comes in. The goal of a face and neck lift is to remove the excess skin from the face and the neck area, and to tighten the underlying muscles of facial movement, and also to put the fat pads back where they were before they started sagging so the right parts of the face have their natural youthful appearance.