Browlift with Eyelid Surgery Blepharoplasty San Francisco California

A brow lift or an endoscopic brow lift and upper eyelid surgery often complement each other very well in that the brow lift is done first, putting the brows in the right position, and then that is followed by an upper eyelid surgery to remove any remaining excess skin or fatty tissue. Wrinkles around the eyes are a tell-tale sign of aging. At the same time, brows that are coming down too far cause your eyelids to appear heavy and tired. There is a distinction between these two operations. The aging eyelids may have excess skin, laxity of the muscles and the tissues around the eye which can be tightened. Also, some of the fatty tissue on which the eye itself sits may start protruding and create puffiness around the eye. Many people notice that in the mornings. These can be repositioned to give a more smooth contour to the lower eyelid, to remove the excess skin from the upper eyelid, and to give an overall better shape and position to the eyelids. If you have ptosis of the brow or drooping of the brow it causes heaviness of the upper eyelids and it’s not really corrected by the upper eyelid surgery. The operation for elevating the brow or a brow lift is significantly less invasive now than it was in the past for an incision would be created from ear to ear over the scalp. Today we make small incisions, no more than about a quarter of an inch large, in the scalp, and use cameras and surgical equipment to lift the brows under the skin and put them in the ideal position that we want.