Joan’s Patient Comment

I met Dr. Behmand in February of 2003 at John Muir Hospital while he was tending to a friend who had suffered a serious accident. I was extremely impressed with both his skill as a surgeon and his wonderful bedside manner. A year later, Dr. Behmand performed a cosmetic procedure on another friend. I was again impressed with his confidence, sincerity and warmth. Her results were amazing.

I was in the process of losing a large amount of weight and knew that I was going to need plastic surgery to deal with all the leftover skin that was appearing on my body. I decided then that should I have the nerve to do it, Dr. Behmand would be the one I would see. My initial consultation with Dr. Behmand was literally life altering. I consider myself a shy, somewhat modest person. But as Dr. Behmand looked over my sagging body, he never once made me feel uncomfortable, or ashamed of what I had done to myself. He spent a long time talking with me, and really listened to my desires and concerns before we settled on the specific procedures he would perform. His professional, caring manner convinced me that I was right to do this and place my trust in him. After a nine hour extensive and detailed surgery, Dr. Behmand gave me all he had promised and more. He and his staff were readily available and attentive when I needed them those first few days of recovery. At each follow-up visit, I felt encouraged and supported by both he and his great staff.

I am now more than a year post-op and thrilled with my results. I thank Dr. Behmand daily for the gift he has given me, and know that choosing him was the best decision I have ever made.