“Bringing the power of medical research to skincare.”

Discovered through years of medical research conducted for wound healing and burn treatments, NeoCutis® is the newest generation of skin care product using an optimal, naturally balanced blend of proteins. These professional products are formulated with active ingredients that have been proven effective with measurable results, leaving you with beautiful, seemingly ageless skin. Laboratories have long recognized the fantastic and restorative power of proteins for skin rejuvenation.

NeoCutis® is an important product to incorporate into your skin care routine for any patient, but especially important for those patients who have had or plan to have a surgical facial procedure. We stress the importance of protecting your investment, and the best way to do so is to use effective skin care products daily.

NeoCutis® products have been clinically proven effective for:

Each product helps to diminish signs of aging as it soothes stressed and irritated skin. All NeoCutis® products are:

Please contact our office with any questions and we look forward to tailoring a skin care system specific to your needs and concerns.

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