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cosmetic eyelid surgeryBecause they are the natural focal point of your face, your eyes are considered the best representation of your inner thoughts, moods, and even your personality. As you age, sagging upper eyelids and baggy lower eyelids can make you appear tired, sad, and older than your true age. For some people, excess skin can even impair vision. Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to lift droopy eyelids and remove excess skin around the eyes, resulting in attractive eyes that look fresh, well-rested, and alert.

This section of our website contains information about eyelid surgery and some of the frequently asked questions related to this facial plastic surgery procedure.  Once you have reviewed this information, set up a personal consultation at our San Francisco Area Office, in Walnut Creek, during which Dr. Behmand will provide answers to specific questions you may have relate to your individual needs.

The Eyelid Surgery Procedure

Dr. Behmand will examine your eyes prior to your surgery to determine the extent of surgery needed and the best techniques to use. Upper eyelids are treated through an incision that is made in the natural crease above the eye. Dr. Behmand removes the excess skin and fatty tissue before closing the incision. Since the incision is located inconspicuously, the scar is very hard to detect once healed.

fix wrinkly and puffy eyelids

If your lower eyelids have excess skin, fine wrinkles or puffiness,  Dr. Behmand will make an incision just below the lower eyelashes to remove the excess skin and fatty tissue resulting in a smoother, more youthful appearance of your Eyelids. During this cosmetic eyelid surgery, special adjustments may also be made to the fatty tissue beneath the eyelids to eliminate puffiness and to improve the semicircular hollowing seen beneath the eyes.  In some patients the underlying muscles of the lower eyelids will be tightened through a procedure called canthopexy.

remove fat from eyelids

Dr. Behmand may decide that the best approach for removing fat from the lower eyelid is with a transconjunctival blepharoplasty. In this procedure, an incision is placed inside the lower eyelid. This technique requires no external incisions, and is used to correct excess fatty tissue in the lower eyelids.

After Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery
Most traces of surgery will disappear after several weeks. However, the skin around your eyes must be treated with extra care for several months.  When you go out during the day, you should wear sun block on your eyelids and darkly tinted sunglasses to protect your eyes from the wind and also sun irritation. The results of cosmetic eyelid surgery are long lasting.  However, keep in mind that your face will continue to age at its natural pace.

After the initial healing period, you will be asked to return for follow-up visits at our San Francisco Area office in Walnut Creek so that Dr. Behmand may evaluate your long-term recovery following your facial cosmetic surgery procedure. If you are like most people who have the procedure, you will be very pleased with your new, refreshed and alert appearance following cosmetic eyelid surgery. You may find that you feel more confident in business and social situations.  Friends and colleagues may tell you that you appear happier or more rested, without realizing that you had eyelid surgery.

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