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Chin Surgery

Chin surgery, also called genioplasty, can dramatically improve the appearance of a weak chin or overly rounded face. The most common chin surgery procedure is augmentation with a chin implant, in which a custom-shaped piece of solid silicone is used to enhance the size and shape of the chin.

The Chin Surgery Procedure

During your consultation sessions with Dr. Behmand, you will discuss in detail what you want your chin to look like. Dr. Behmand will take precise measurements of your cheekbones and jaw to ensure that the final outcome is aesthetically pleasing. Then, he will shape a solid piece of silicone into the desired implant shape. Note that unlike the silicone implants used for breast augmentation, the implants used for facial surgery are solid and firm to the touch.

To place the implant, Dr. Behmand will create a small incision near your chin. In most cases, he is able to make this incision inside your mouth to avoid scarring and lessen recovery time. The chin implant is placed inside a pocket in front of the jawbone and secured in place.

For several days after the surgery, your lower face may be swollen and somewhat bruised. You will need to eat and bathe carefully to protect your chin area. Dr. Behmand will be able to give you the best instructions for limiting exercise and activity, based on your lifestyle. As you heal, your new appearance will become apparent, and you can enjoy the confident, well-balanced face in the mirror from then on.

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